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If our problem on earth is global warming, the solution has to be Global Cooling!

This game is about utilizing the renewable energy sources on earth so that we can continue to drive around, use electricity and keep warm. We’re rewarded for replacing four-wheelers with electric cars, for investing in solar and wind energy, and for planting forests on our own land. And as in all other games, it’s all about winning! This all takes place in a rush to get the most global wind turbines on the world’s seven continents. Through the game, we’ll enjoy social media and casino games. We’ll draw Global Cards that change the game order. If we’re lucky, we’ll receive a grant from the Change Our Globe Foundation.

In Global Cooling, money is a good thing to have at the right time, but it’s not always the one with the most money who wins the game.

Keep it cool!

Produced by Changeourglobe Aps.

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